Invigorating the famous Freycinet

Summer in Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without visiting east coast and visiting Freycinet is a must for travellers going to Tasmania


When I was still studying at UTAS, I always have this urge to visit Freycinet.

Finally, this year, my wife and I felt going to Freycinet would be great for the kids. It’s a 2hrs and 15mins drive (167.5 kmvia Tasman Hwy/A3 from Hobart. Freycinet National Park is indeed the home to breathtaking pink and red granite peaks, sheltered bays, white sandy beaches and abundant birdlife. If you are walking more quietly you will see some kangaroos in the bush along the way. 

Likewise, they said, “summer in Tasmania wouldn’t be complete without visiting east coast“, so we did. Electric barbeque hut is no shortage at all. Although it is quite bitter when the staff forbid us to climb Mt Amos due to weather (excellent customer service by the way), however going to the park will surely not going to disappoint you.

A glimpsed of our visit can be viewed here:


Things to do (but not limited to):

  • Climb Mt. Amos (3 hrs return)
  • Visit Cape Tourville Lighthouse (10 minutes drive from the visitor centre)
  • Having a barbeque and view the Honeymoon Bay (great for Instagram fanatics)
  • Stroll along Wineglass and Hazard Beach
  • Kayaking and Paddleboarding
  • Camping

In case you wanted to visit Freycinet, check Australia Guide for more info.
Music “wings” copyright Delta Goodrem


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Author: ej pono

Ed originally from the Philippines who is now living in Australia. A human rights advocate, loves hiking and photography. An Information System Analyst and a SE.Nurse!

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