Gordon River Dam

The Gordon Dam, also known as the Gordon River Dam, is a major gated double curvature concrete arch dam with a controlled spillway across the Gordon River, located in South West Tasmania, Australia.


Travelling to Gordon Dam via B61 is about 2hours and 20 minutes drive from Hobart (171km). Perhaps if you love taking photos, it would take longer as there are plenty of things that might interest you (re-routing) while on your way to the dam as it is the last stop going that course. These sights include Lake Pedder (camping),  Mt Field National Park, Seager’s Outlook and mountains such as The Needles and Mt Anne (for hiking lovers) are activities you shouldn’t miss. If you’re only aiming for the dam, half a day return is enough but taking consideration of those places mentioned above would at least brings you 2-4 days.

There is no public transport going to the dam, so having a car or hiring a car is indeed needed. You can walk across the dam all the way to the other side for free to take it all in but beware it is very high (140 meters tall) for people scared of heights. There is an abseiling activity for this 140 metres high held in the place if you are quite adventurous.


View from the dam where most Instagram fanatics are dying for.


The background is the Sentinel Range, view on the way to Gordon Dam.


Make sure to check the weather first before you go. Although the road is excellent, as of this writing, there is no phone signal in the area as it is very remote.

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Author: ej pono

Ed originally from the Philippines who is now living in Australia. A human rights advocate, loves hiking and photography. An Information System Analyst and a SE.Nurse!

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