Queenstown has been recognised by the National Trust as a historic town is an old mining town in Western Tasmania. Queenstown is now considered one of Australia’s ecological wonder and is an exciting town, nestled in the Queen River valley.

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Queenstown is 3 and a half drive from Hobart and careful as though it is very scenic, the winding road definitely makes you dizzy. Take your time and making stops in taking photo’s, use this time to stretch and have some quick snack along the way.


Iron Blow Lookout on Gormanston was where iron ore was found and mined for many many years in the now bare hills behind Queenstown. It has quickly become one of the ecological wonders, due to its amazing view (blueish water within the hole) thus economically benefits the town.

Opposite lies Horsetail Falls, a large seasonal waterfall on Moore Creek. It is best viewed during Spring and Winter.

Also located in this beautiful village is the Spion Kopf Lookout which was named by soldiers returning from the Boer War.

The #Unconformity is a contemporary arts festival that explores the paradoxes of Queenstown usually celebrated in the month of October.

As for us, we enjoyed the humongous Pizza at Fili and staying at Golden Rush was quite pleasant which added to the entire wonderful experience we had on our trip.

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Author: ej pono

Ed originally from the Philippines who is now living in Australia. A human rights advocate, loves hiking and photography. An Information System Analyst and a SE.Nurse!

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